Mission Statement

To inspire within every generation an entrepreneurial, 'can do' attitude. At the spotless group we firmly believe in laying the foundations for a bright, innovative future within businesses of every sector. We will do everything that we can in order to supply people of every age, background and belief the opportunity to realise their potential and ambitions. From school mentorship support to funding education for employees, the spotless group aims to build a brighter future for all.

Core Values

To provide educational and vocational access and opportunity to all team members, to support their personal development.

To give back to the wider society through charity events, and to inspire the next generation with entrepreneurial spirit and guidance.

To help with environmental matters through the green use of all chemicals, recycling and wastage.

To provide a safe, committed and fun working environment for all employees, where the employee voice is not only heard but acted upon.

To reward and recognise all employees for the job that they carry out.

To provide excellence within all areas of customer service to both customers and employees alike and to always 'go the extra mile'.